Welcome to be a part of the ImseVimse family

This is exciting times! ImseVimse has solid experience of quality, sustainability and meeting costumers needs. In 2020, Pivot became the company’s new owner and contributed with a great experience of upscaling business. Together, these experiences have enabled us to work in a new way, and we see clear results from this in an increased demand for our products from customers around the world. One of our main key to success is close cooperation and good relations with our resellers. We are looking forward to get in touch with you!

  • We do extensive marketing for the ImseVimse brand, which you as a reseller will notice this through increased demand of the products. 
  • Get benefits through our loyalty program.
  • Ethical and environmentally friendly production, meets the demands of the conscious consumer.
  • ImseVimse has over 30 years of experience of working with resellers.
  • We are proud and confident in the high quality of the products, therefore the products have a 2-10 year warranty.
  • Certified products manufactured in Europe.
  • A range of products for children and women that fit well into several categories.
  • We have an image bank of modern product images, which makes it easy for retailers to create attractive content.
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